Business Card Catalog Update

It has now been 1 year and 6 months since 246 Designs was officially born! We felt that now more than ever it was time to update our catalog. The first designs were amazing designs which took you on a magical ride when viewing them. However, these new designs are mind blowing!

Not only have we have added a slew of new and exciting designs; we’ve also made it much easier to find what you need by categorizing the business card designs which is as simple as clicking/tapping the categories drop-down box. Additionally, we have also made designs searchable via the search bar. We want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need through our range of designs.

Designs are now hosted on their own page and describes the thought process behind the designs as well as the industries they are best suited for. Please note that we now offer delivery services! We can collect deposits and deliver high quality prints right to your door!

What are you waiting for?! Head on over to our new Business Card Catalog and let us know your thoughts!

We Do Deliveries

We recognize that you are busy. Your schedule is tight; you want quality designs but may not have the time to come to us. Therefore we are now offering delivery services! We want to make business as easy as possible. We can come to you to collect deposits and deliver high quality prints. Don’t forget you can also make payments online if you wish via PayPal at It’s convenience at its best!

246 Pride (Android App)

246 Pride is an amazing photo filter app for you to merge your selfies or existing photos with the Barbados flag like magic! It’s basically Photoshop without the headache! Show your 246 Pride and represent where you’re from with 246 Pride!
246 Pride has a simple design and is a powerful photo filter. Simply select a photo or take a selfie as normal and select the Barbados flag and that’s it! It’s the perfect way to show support for our upcoming independence celebrations here in Barbados. Show your pride with 246 Pride!

This android app was created by 246 Designs to celebrate our 50th year of Independence here in Barbados. The app also features some fun facts that you may or may not have known about our precious island. The app can be found at We love you Barbados!

Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s officially been one year since we have been online serving the Barbadian public with potent designs and we have yet to create an About Us page because it’s all about you! It has been a great first year in the online world and we have met so many wonderful people it’s truly a blessing! We just really want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Over 1100 fans on Facebook! Our Twitter puzzles us though we are still in single digits… wonder why! Any who it’s only the middle of the year and we still have some crazy new designs and products to roll out so stay tuned! You probably thought that was it for the year when we rolled out our Social Media services in April or when we started our Design Bundle special back in May or when we started rolling out our Newsletters back in June. But no no no we are far from finished! Keep us in mind as we do you! There’s more… much more to come!

1000+ Fans On Facebook

We just want to say thank you to everyone who liked our Facebook page. Honestly we weren’t expecting to grow our fan base so quickly because other persons who were around for years in our industry aren’t even close to this milestone. This is indeed a special moment for us and it’s all thanks to you!

Things 246 Customers Say

You know ever so often we hear something humorous and unbelievable and we tell our closest friends. We have a great laugh and then that’s it. We hear a lot of funny things over here at 246 Designs and instead of just keeping it to ourselves we decided to create a campaign around it and thus began ‪#‎things246customerssay‬.

This campaign’s main purpose is to spread the humor and hopefully make your day even better. We first launched this campaign on the 10th of April and 14 days later we decided to dramatize one of the funniest phone calls ever so you can share in the laughter too!

Stick around there’s lots more to come! Have a great day.

New Services

We have now added a variety of new services to serve you better! One of the most requested service was Social Media Management. We have received many request because of how we manage our Facebook page and we have finally made it available. However Social Media Management is such a diverse and technical service we had to basically create a new department to effectively manage pages. This new service is now branded under the name 246 Designs: Social Media Marketing. On the website we have displayed some of our stats so you can have idea of how effective our Social Media campaigns can be.

We have now also partnered with Inktech and now have re-manufactured ink available for sale. We also buy your empty cartridges so please stop throwing away money!

We also have other new exciting services such as Branded video and Document editing. For a full range of our services head on over to

Flyers Update

Like with our business cards, our first layout of our flyer designs were good but it wasn’t great! Sure the designs looked awesome but the presentation needed an overhaul. We were so excited to get these designs out at the time… ohhh I remember like it was yesterday. Furiously excited, passion in the air and in a frantic rush. No one on our team spoke of or considered the presentation.

The result was proper designs just slapped onto a website with a gloomy look! But it’s 2016! A new year. A proper year! We’ve rectified our past transgressions and turned our gloomy flyer page into a proper grid layout so you can view the designs in all their splendor!

On reflection sometimes rushing is a bad thing. But we could’ve never fixed the layout had not for some of our customers who were kind enough to give constructive criticism. To say thank you we’ve added a few new designs to offer an even wider range! Take a look at our redesigned flyer page at

Business Cards Update

You know when we first started this whole 246 Designs concept we felt like the late great Dr. Martin Luther King… in that we had a dream. In this dream persons could see business cards and other designs without any commitments and would only make a payment if they saw a design that they liked and wished to make their own. In this dream we wanted designs to be as cheap as possible.

It was a proper dream by all accounts and for the most part we had succeeded. We created an online flipbook where persons could flip through our list of business cards and we updated the designs every few months. But as with most things in life, dreams and reality seldom go hand in hand on the first attempt. The online flipbook was fine for desktop users but was uncomfortable to use in a mobile environment. In this day and age making things difficult on mobile is not the wisest thing to do.

And so here we are. Dream v2.0! We have nuked the online flipbook and created a new grid layout. The great thing about the grid layout is that it looks great for both mobile and desktop users and is extremely easy to navigate. Best of all however is the fact that persons can now view the front and back design of a business card at the same time which was a severe limitation with the online flipbook.

We have also added a few new designs along with this enhanced look! Go ahead and check out our very new and improved Business Card page. We dare you!