How To Build A Website To Increase Business

In 2019 it’s more important than ever for you to have a digital presence for your business; whether it’s on social media – e.g. Facebook or Instagram – having your own website, or a combination of both.

With business activity increasing on social media, many persons are opting to make their business stand out by having their own website. Here at 246 Designs Inc. we can attest to the importance of a professional and easy to use website as most of our clients are acquired through digital means.

While a lot of persons are interested in our Web Development services, not everyone has the budget to finance such an endeavor in the beginning stages. We wanted to give as many persons the opportunity to get their business online because we recognize the importance. To help those persons with a smaller budget we’ve put together a free eBook to get you started on the the services you will need. The premium version of this book puts it all together and we also share some marketing tools and tricks that we use. We use easy to understand language and shy away from technical terms in both versions of the eBook.

Your business website should be treated like a virtual office and accurately represent your brand and the message you are trying to convey. Before taking the plunge to create or have your website created, you should take a moment to analyze the main purpose of your website for your business and what you are expecting from your website.

Will your website automate forms that your clients/prospects currently have to fill out? Do you want to sell directly through your website? Is the main purpose of the website to build brand awareness? Having a clear idea of what you need from your website will ease the development process as you will know what you need before designing.

Developing your website is the beginning not the end!

After you’ve successfully developed your web solution for your business, please remember that this is the starting point of your journey! After you open the doors to your physical business you now need to get persons through your doors. It’s the same with a website! Thousands of websites are created everyday so it’s imperative that you develop a marketing plan that’s integrated with your website.

Consider your website a young plant after you’ve finished developed it. It’ll need lots of care and nurturing. Eventually though – if you’ve been consistent in your marketing and improving your website – your website will start to generate business for you without as much effort on your part. Basically like the plant, it’ll get bigger and stronger and eventually bear fruit! As more persons get familiar with your website, it can add a huge boost to your sales going forward. Get started today!

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