Price in USD

Our Delivery Prices Map service enables you to showcase your delivery or house call prices in an easy to understand and stylish fashion to your clients. The maps can be posted to your social media pages, website and/or shared via messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

The maps will be customized with your branding for example things like the background, contact information, logo, colours, music etc can be changed. You’ll receive your map in a .MP4 video format. View a full demo version below of the map.

When you place an order simply message us or contact us so we can begin your order. We’ll need the following information:

  • Your delivery price for each parish (e.g. $15 – St. Philip).
  • Your logo (with a transparent background).
  • Your contact information for the map (tel. number, web address, social media handles – as applicable).
  • The music you’d like added (if any).
  • Background or background colour.