How Social Media can Impact your Business

Social Media is an excellent and cost effective way to promote your business. It is easy to set up and is accessible to anyone at any time. Yet in some circles Social Media is disregarded like a play thing – often by persons who have never even ran an ad on any of the platforms. When done right, Social Media can have a significant impact on sales while reducing your advertising spend.

The most effective Social Media platforms in Barbados in terms of ROI (return on investment) are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is great for promoting specials and providing useful information to potential customers while Instagram is great for displaying previous works or samples. The key is to have great imagery and compelling write ups (the text that is associated with the image). You can do this yourself or have it done by professionals. The main point is that if you are not on Social Media right now you are doing yourself a great disservice. Social Media is now and the future. It’s better to embrace it now rather than get left behind.

Let’s use an example to illustrate how Social Media can be an effective tool. So here we have a young graphic designer named Sally Lou. She was working with an agency throughout her entire career where all of her graphic works were branded by the agency and also she relinquished the intellectual rights of her works to the said agency. Things were fine at first, but as the years went by more and more rules and constraints started to impact Sally’s creativity and by extension her happiness. Finally, she made the decision to be on her own. But how is Sally going to promote herself? She has no previous works she can use because the work she has done belongs to the agency. Basically she has no clients.

This is where Social Media can help. What she can do is create concept graphics so persons can have an idea of what type of work she can do. Starting with Facebook and Instagram; as revenue increases she can then look at also advertising on Google.

Social Media is not only great for startups. Established brands can also benefit. The key is to have people at the very least thinking and talking about your brand. Getting known is never a bad thing. Get your business on Social Media ASAP! It’s not only a good way to get your name out there it’s also a great way to create a friendly atmosphere for potential clients and acquire leads.