Starting your Side Hustle with a Full Time Job

Let’s face it – a Grantley (a Barbados $100.00 bill) is not what it used to be and the more you can collect the better off you are. You can always try your luck at playing the Lotto but after a while the futility of such measures begins to rear its head.

A much more financially astute plan would be to monetize your time by having a side hustle. This could be anything from selling drinks, to being a part time makeup artist to being a web developer on the side. Good side hustles are ideally things that you enjoy doing and can turn into a full time operation as time elapses and you acquire more clients.

Before deciding on what to do, you need to critically analyze your life and determine the amount of free time you can devote to this venture. Once you have gotten pass this hurdle the easiest way to come up with ideas on what to do or sell is to look at your current skill set and your hobbies.

When you decide on what you want to offer the next step will be to test your theory. Good ideas are not always sellable or practical – regardless of how much thought went into it. For example if you wanted to sell high end clothing but the people around you – or that you are trying to sell to – do not have a high budget for clothing, you are going to have a problem moving your stock! You need a good idea that you can execute.

Adapt – The world changes because people change.

So you know how much free time your have, came up with a good idea and tested it to make sure it’s a viable idea. The only thing that’s left is to scale it up and bring your idea out of beta! Talk to your customers. Find out what they like and don’t like. But most of all adapt! The world changes because people change! What worked yesterday might not work today.

Finally if you are constantly receiving compliments on an area of your operation that you do not currently charge for maybe it’s time to do so. Making money is never a bad thing! Always keep your eyes open and keep hustling. One of the most practical entrepreneurs out right now is Gary Vee. Use him for inspiration when in doubt! The blue print has been laid out. All that’s left is for you to apply it.