Your Customer is your Most Valuable Asset

You may have a good product or service – maybe even a great one. But the harsh reality is this: No one cares about your business as much as you do. Unless you have a revolutionary new product or service you are going to have competition and no one will care about you unless you make them care.

The key is to understand that it’s not about how great your product is but rather, it’s a combination of relevant factors. Factors include:

  • How you treat your customers.
  • The first impression people have when they find out about you and your brand.
  • The perception people have about you.

Notice that in all of these factors it’s about the people and your customers – not about you. It doesn’t matter if you make $20.00 a day or $20,000.00. Your customer is your most valuable asset. They are the life line of your business and should be treated as such.

From time to time – for one reason or the other – you are going to have persons who are not happy with the product or service they received. How you handle these situations can be a deal breaker. In these types of scenarios your goal is to pacify the situation. Now is not the time to get defensive and play the blame game! No! Now is the time to understand the situation through the customer’s eyes and be as understanding and reasonable as possible.

You can’t control how people will react but you can control how you act.

Even if the customer is at fault, there’s no need to make him or her feel like an idiot! We are all human. Mistakes happen. Kindly explain the mistake that was made and thank him or her for choosing to do business with you in the first place.

This approach has a much better chance of appeasing a dissatisfied customer. You can’t control how people will react but you can control how you act. Be kind and gracious to your customers. Remember, they can survive without you but you can’t survive without them!