Quick ideas to make money during this Crop Over season (Part 1)

The party fever is high here in Barbados now that we are in the Crop Over season! A lot of money is being spent right now; wouldn’t it be nice to be on the receiving side to at least get a portion of it? If you have the will and the drive here are a few relatively easy to start ideas that can get you some extra cash.

Create your own event/party
If you are the life of the party, you can consider holding your own event(s) and cash out by charging an admission fee, having drinks on sale or have a fun activity where you charge participants. The location for this doesn’t have to be fancy. You can even hold it at your home if this is a viable option. The key thing is to ensure that you get persons there and that they have a good time. If they do, money will likely soon follow. [In Bajan: Doan invite nuh cheap people that doan wanna spend nuh money!]

Offer babysitting services
While persons are planning to go out and have a good time, their children always have to be factored into the equation. Granny might want to take a break from being the nanny! This is where you can come in and offer your services to persons who find themselves in this position. Ask around in your neighbourhood, tap into your network or advertise in the newspaper. Babysitting is an essential service – especially now that we are in the party season.

Mobile make-up service
Ladies will definitely want to look their best as they step out to the various events being held. If you are gifted in this area you can offer your services in a mobile format. The beauty (◀️pun) of this is that it will make it easier on persons interested in your services to do business with you – and also, you get to charge more because you would be going directly to persons. This is a great way to build your clientele.

We will be exploring more ideas where you can use the Crop Over season to your financial advantage. This list as is so far, offers practical ideas for you to make extra money. The main thing is to START when you decide what can work for you. Stay tuned; there will be more!