Quick ideas to make money during this Crop Over season (Part 2)

As Natalie would say I AM BACK! Last time we ran through a couple of ideas on how to earn extra cash during this Crop Over season. If you missed it you can check it out here. We had mentioned a few ideas such as a mobile make-up service, babysitting etc. Now here we are again – back at it like a bad habit – with even more ideas!

The goal of these ideas is to offer practical doable ideas that can bring in extra cash on the side with minimal difficulty to implement or set up. With that in mind, here are a few more ideas:

Paid carpooling
Instead of driving past everyone at the bus stop, consider offering drops to persons on your route for a minimal fee. While you won’t make a fortune from this, if you do it often enough you can cover the cost of gas for your vehicle – which is one less expense! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If you do decide to use this idea, then a good tip would be to place old newspaper on your mats to minimize the amount of times you need to vacuum!

Car washing services
People also like to have their vehicles clean when going to events. Some persons may not have the time to do this themselves. This is where you can come in. You can offer a simple exterior wash; or to maximize this hustle you can do an entire car valet. The important thing is to find the right people who are willing to pay for this service.

Pick up bottles to sell
A couple of years back this was looked down upon. But with things as they are now you can’t let pride get in the way of good business! You can volunteer to clean up after party events or take a road trip and try your luck! Your goal here is to collect as many bottles as possible to increase your profits.

And there you have it! More ideas to make more money. If you have any more ideas you can feel free to send us a message or DM us and we’ll showcase some in our future blogs! Here’s to hoping you have a great Crop Over season. Enjoy and stay safe.