How designs can improve your business: First Impressions Matter

Depending on your field of business you may or may not have graphic design as a priority for your brand. While it’s true that some industries benefit more than others by having professional graphics, making your brand look fresh can have a significant impact on sales and how much you can charge.

Think of it in terms of dress code.

Think of it in terms of dress code. If you were approached by 2 sales men, both of whom were complete strangers, who would you take more seriously? Most people would definitely give the gentleman in exhibit B more attention. His dress code and overall look seems professional and at the end of the day, we all like to deal with professionals.

Humans are visual by nature. Incidentally, your customers are also human which means they are visual! If someone is unfamiliar with your brand or doesn’t know you, the only thing they can go on is your look and how you carry yourself. This doesn’t mean people are judging you. Far from it! But people – whether they know it or not – walk around with stereotypes ingrained within them. If you fit a negative stereotype a potential client may subconsciously drift away from you simply because they do not know you and your brand is not appealing.

Don’t have your brand looking like the gentleman in exhibit A. He has that “This man like he just trying a ting” vibe. You’re not trying a thing! You’re running a professional operation! Make your brand look presentable and people would be more than willing to do business with you. After all, looking great is never a bad thing!