Facebook Cover Creator

The Facebook Cover Creator by 246 Designs enables you to have a true seamless interaction between your Facebook cover and profile images and it also enables you to preview your existing Facebook graphics before uploading.
This kit comes with a series of Facebook buttons and text layouts to essentially create a virtual Facebook in Photoshop. The action file enables you to export your art in a number of popular formats.

The Facebook Cover Creator is extremely easy to use. Simply replace the image in the Smart Objects with your own assets. A helpful guide is also included. This tool is perfect for online marketers or graphic designers looking to show case cover art and best of all it’s only USD$17.50! We also offer this as a service if you do not want to create your own cover art.

Features include:

  • Enables you to create a seamless interaction between your Facebook cover and profile images
  • You can preview your existing artwork without uploading to Facebook
  • Comes pre-packed with a variety of button and text layouts
  • Previews include Vistor view and Admin view among others
  • Includes an image tint layer to make text more visible for bright images
  • No Photoshop skills required! Extremely easy to use. We also included multiple help files in case you disagree!