Showcase your magazine online in a beautiful and customizable format that feels natural!


    Your customers will buy more if they know more of what you sell. Get your product catalog online!


Digital Catalog Features

Showcase your magazines/catalogs beautifully, digitally. Potential clients benefit by viewing your products and information in a central location.

• Increase sales by having your product catalog online.
• Magazine works on mobile and desktop devices.
• Embed audio and video to keep your audience engaged.
• Searchable content means persons can look for words of interest.
• Magazines can be shared by users to increase your customer base.
• Printable. Digital magazines can be printed in whole or selective pages.
• Add links to your website and social media pages.
• Optionally give persons the ability to download the magazine.
• Showcase your magazines beautifully digitally.

These are just a few of the benefits of the Digital Catalog! Get your current content recreated digitally or we can create a brand new magazine/catalog for you.

Pricing (in Barbados dollars)

Online Catalog Services & Pricing Options
ServicesPrice (in Barbados Dollars)
Convert your PDF a to Digital Magazine$150
Design your Magazine6 pages: $62.50 / page
10 – 20 pages: $55 / page
22 – 50 pages: $50 / page
50+ pages: $40 / page
(n.b. page counts includes front & back cover art)
Convert your Documents to PDF$50
Host your Magazine$50 / month (hosting simply means we’ll put your magazine on our servers if you don’t have a website.)

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